Exploring New Horizons: DMW Travel Travel и Swan Hellenic's Pioneering Partnership

Exploring New Horizons: DMW Travel Travel и Swan Hellenic's Pioneering Partnership

DMW Travel Travel: Specializing in a wide array of travel services, DMW Travel has carved a niche in business and leisure travel, corporate events, incentive travel programs, and product launches. With over 25 years of global experience in the travel and hospitality industry, our team brings innovative sales and marketing solutions to the table. Established in the Middle East since 2017, we are known for our result-driven approach and our commitment to achieving our clients' financial goals. Learn more about us on our homepage.

Swan Hellenic: As a trailblazer in the cruise industry, Swan Hellenic boasts the youngest fleet, focusing on unique expedition experiences in the Arctic and Antarctic. With a rich history and a commitment to providing insightful journeys, Swan Hellenic offers a new way of traveling, full of discovery and luxury. Discover more about Swan Hellenic’s extraordinary voyages on their official website.

Details of the Partnership

DMW Travel is thrilled to announce its exclusive role as the market representative for Swan Hellenic in the Middle East. Our partnership aims to penetrate the GCC travel market, enhancing Swan Hellenic's brand visibility. We will be at the forefront of travel fairs in the region, driving digital marketing campaigns and offering educational sessions to travel and trade networks.

Objectives of the Partnership

Swan Hellenic is set to redefine travel in the Middle East with its expedition cruises. The partnership with DMW Travel will bring a new travel concept to the forefront, enriched with expert knowledge on wildlife, history, and geology. DMW Travel's goal is to amplify Swan Hellenic's presence in the market, introducing their unique expeditions to a new audience.

Amazing Arctic Experiences

Benefits for Stakeholders

This collaboration brings Swan Hellenic's unparalleled expedition experiences closer to the Middle East. DMW Travel's extensive network ensures these unique journeys are now easily accessible and bookable for both citizens and residents in the region.

Regional Significance

The partnership brings the distant wonders of the Arctic and Antarctic within reach of the Middle East. This collaboration symbolizes a bridge between diverse landscapes, offering extraordinary travel experiences from the comfort of a luxurious setting.

Potential Impact on the Market

The partnership is set to revolutionize the industry by enhancing product understanding among trade partners and simplifying the booking process for lifetime travel experiences.

I am extremely happy and proud to represent Swan Hellenic in the Middle East . We are looking forward to developing a strong partnership for many years.
Alina Drutman ( DMW Travel )

With our extensive experience and Swan Hellenic's unique offerings, we are set to make a significant impact in the travel market in the Middle East. We look forward to sharing Swan Hellenic's story and making this partnership a resounding success!

For more information, reach out to swanhellenic@dmwtravel.com or call our toll-free number +7929 600 05 35.

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