Georgia is by far one of the most beautiful countries and undiscovered places in the world. Located between Europe and Asia Georgia’s unique identity is in its own right. Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea, green valleys and beautiful vineyards make this country a fantastic destination for all. The country’s complicated history has given Georgia a wonderful heritage of architecture and arts, from cave cities and ancient cathedrals to the inimitable canvases of Pirosmani and watch towers.

Georgia offers excellent air connectivity to the rest of the world and now enjoys visa-free regime and easy entrance for resident permit holders for almost 150 countries including the Middle East and Europe. Along with E-Visa options online (, holders of valid visas for the US, EU, Japan, Korea and the UAE may now enter Georgia without additional visa requirements.

Its authenticity and unique cultural heritage, alongside top rankings in the world’s most prestigious indexes, have turned Georgia into a premier travel destination in the region. The number of visitors to the country has been growing drastically and steadily for the past decade. For the third year in a row international arrivals have exceeded the 5.5 million mark, which is considerably more than the population of the country. Its offering is also supported by a growing and more established hotel market with international presence.

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