Austria is the only country in Europe that has kept the legendary tradition of balls alive, for locals and visitors alike. The Opera Ball held in the Vienna Opera House, known to be the most beautiful ballroom in the world, is officially the state ball of the country. The Artists’ Ball of the Vienna State Opera is also one to pay attention to. In Vienna, over 400 balls are staged each winter frequented by 300,000 dance-loving visitors from all around the world.

Extensive meeting facilities countrywide and exciting incentive programs, along with established hotels and a solid overall infrastructure, guarantee Austria’s place among the top destinations for various meetings and incentives in Europe and worldwide. From the snow-capped peaks of Salzburg and the Tirol to the lovely banks of the river Danube at Wachau valley near Vienna, Austria offers stunning sceneries of mountains, lakes and rivers that prove an ideal all-year-round setting for incentives and events.

From snow-shoe trekking and horse sleigh riding to paragliding and river rafting, the choice of sports and outdoor activities is endless. Austria is also well-known for its cultural heritage, reflected in a great variety of festivals throughout the country all year long.

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