Saint Petersburg Restaurants

Saint Petersburg Restaurants

We want to share with you our personal selection of the best restaurants in Saints Petersburg, the city that is included in our Baltic Luxury Collection.

Jerome Restaurant

25, Bolshaya Morskaya str., St. Petersburg


Opened by restaurateur Aram Mnacakanov, Jerome has a good central location and stylish, airy interiors. The menu is an eclectic mixture of modern French and Italian cuisine, with a few Asian accents. There are daily specials using freshly sourced seasonal ingredients.

Borsalino Restaurant

24, Malaya Morskaya str., St. Petersburg


Inside the Angleterre Hotel, Borsalino provides an elegant and tasteful atmosphere with stunning views. This up-market hotel restaurant offers a menu of traditional Italian cuisine with some Sicilian recipes. Most dishes are slow-cooked to bring forth flavor and preserve freshness.

Mansarda Restaurant

3, Pochtamtskaya str., St. Petersburg


Run by Ginza Project, Mansarda is located on the top floor with superb views of St. Isaac's Cathedral and its environs. The international menu includes pasta, sushi, and grill dishes, and ranges from traditional beetroot salads to pho bo soup, more or less reasonably priced.

Palkin Restaurant

47, Nevsky ave., St. Petersburg


Located on the site of a 19th century restaurant that served Dostoevsky and Tchaikovsky among others, Palkin is a byword for luxury and refinement in St. Petersburg. The restaurant maintains its gourmet reputation with a mixture of traditional and modern French and Russian cuisine.

Birch Restaurant

3, Kirochnaya str., St. Petersburg


New project of successful quartet of chefs. Fine dining in smart casual format. Small menu and quick service. In spite of the name of the restaurant, there is no national motives in cuisine, it is more about fusion: mix of Peruvian and Asian, a bit of Italian and a piece of French.

Duo Asia Restaurant

20, Rubinstein str., St. Petersburg

Duo Asia

Third project of famous St.Petersburg chef Dmitry Blinov. Top located on Rubinstein street, which is famous for its restaurants and bars. Modern and brave look on Asian traditions realized with Russian and local products.

Percorso Restaurant

1, Voznesensky ave., St. Petersburg


At Percorso, which means “the journey” in Italian, guests can choose to sit in one of four distinct rooms – including a bar, a lounge and a private dining room to enjoy modern Italian specialties. Dining areas are enhanced by an open kitchen and St. Petersburg’s best wine cellar.

The Repa Restaurant

10, Kryukov embankment, St. Petersburg

The Repa

The Repa, serving Russian cuisine, has opened on the site of legendary restaurant Backstage,. With a focus on produce and provenance, the restaurant’s short menu features interesting ingredients from different regions of Russia and other Eurasian Customs Union countries.

Sintoho Restaurant

1, Voznesensky ave., St. Petersburg


Experience St. Petersburg’s finest Japanese restaurant: Sintoho at Four Seasons Hotel St. Petersburg. In a lively modern setting, explore the eclectic menu, inspiring you to mix and match the classics of Asian cuisine. All dishes are meant to be shared, as implied by Asian style.

Tsar Restaurant

12, Sadovaya str., St. Petersburg


Each visit to the Tsar restaurant is like a dive into the history of traditional Russian cuisine in its most exquisite form. Having opened the menu, you will embark on a tasty journey through the epoch, when cuisine was considered an art and every dish was a masterpiece.

Korushka Restaurant

3, Petropavlovskaya fortress, St. Petersburg


Korushka - the place with a view of the Vasilievskiy Island. Two spacious halls seating 340 persons, a patio and a cozy terrace. Special, European-quality and Caucasian-spicy, menu, which accommodated both the experimental dishes and the time-tested masterpieces

Azia Restaurant

1/7, Mikhailovskaya str, St. Petersburg


Warm woods, reflective glass and sleek stainless steel define one of the most sophisticated pan-Asian restaurants in St Petersburg. Find refreshment with our innovative tea-pairing or spice up tapas-style bites with a cocktail.

Bellevue Brasserie

22, Moika embankment, St. Petersburg


At the top of lists of where to go in St Petersburg there is the Bellevue Brasserie. With its 360-degree view of the city this trendy restaurant really is the place to be. Bellevue Brasserie serves French cuisine and famous dishes from Russian cuisine in a modern arrangement.

BLOK Restaurant

4, Potemkinskaya str., St. Petersburg


The Blok restaurant is situated on the roof of the Leningrad Center in the Tavrichesky Garden. Their concept is on the one hand the cuisine of Russian provincial regions and on the other hand – Russian meat of highest quality which surpasses the existing foreign rivals.

COCOCO Restaurant

6, Voznesensky ave., St. Petersburg


Cococo restaurant is a new presentation of Russian cuisine. From the opening in 2012, everyone here is devoted to the main principle — working with farmer's and seasonal products, cooking of what was gathered, caught and produced in North-West region of Russia in every season.

La Maree Restaurant

34, Suvorovsky ave., St. Petersburg

La Maree

Seafood restaurant in St Petersburg. Freshly caught fish is delivered daily to the restaurant from France, Italy, Norway, Morocco and other countries. Its wine list received the prestigious award Wine Spectator for the perfect matching of the wine collection to the restaurant’s concept.

Dom Restaurant

72, Moika embankment, St. Petersburg


The location in the very heart of Saint Petersburg well deserve a special regard. The menu of restaurant Dom is chef’s unique approach to the traditions of Russian cuisine and local seasonal products. We recommend to start your acquaintance with a gastronomic set.

Ryba Restaurant

5, Akademik Pavlov str. , St. Petersburg


This place is a sort of modern and stylish grand cafe restaurant in the top of a business centre with a sublime view of the city. The food is mostly Italian and Japanese. Prices are pretty reasonable and the staff are efficient and friendly.

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