Hamburg, Germany

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Hamburg, Germany

City, city-state, state, the major port city - it is all about elegant Hamburg! Magnificent Hamburg with its Nordic character is the undoubted centre of the Northern Germany. Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg keep attracting tourists from all over the world. It is a huge outdoor museum with ancient paved streets and city hall, with total of 2,500 canals, streams and bridges. The city's name is translated as a "fortress" or "castle" on "water meadow".

The city has an extensive network of canals reminiscent of Venice or Amsterdam, thus making it a perfect place for unusual tours. The place where the Elbe river flows into the North Sea is a good starting point for maritime weekend across the Northern Germany. Hamburg can be both a separate destination and a part of the Northern Germany tour. Numerous museums and parks, the Old Town will leave no place for boredom. And the night life of Hamburg is probable the most vibrant and impressive in Germany. Theatres, concert halls, the major European museums and all sorts of night life entertainments - it is all about Hamburg. Since recently, the lovers of aesthetics and architectural design visit HafenCity, Hamburg’s newest precinct by the Elbe that was built on the foundations of an old port warehouses. It is a new masterpiece that brought old warehouses and port facilities to new life by turning them into stylish apartments, hotels, restaurants, museums, theatres, shopping malls and offices. The new building of Elbphilharmonie (Philharmonic Hall) is the main landmark and dominant attraction of the precinct. So, what can you visit and see in Hamburg? You can start learning about the city by taking a boat tour along the many canals of Hamburg offered by Maritime Circle Line. This amazing boat trip starts at St. PauliLandungsbrücken Pier 10 and lasts for one and half hour, with stopovers in Speicherstadt and next to the Maritime Museum.


Miniatur Wunderland (Miniature Wonderland), the world's largest model railroad system with tiny houses, airplanes, towers, castles and trains, is always great fun for both children and adults. A visit to this park is a lifetime experience and a good stopover during your walk in HafenCity. Walking tours in the city's historical districts are also very impressive. Two of these districts are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The first on - Speicherstadt - is world's largest contiguous warehouse complex. In the Hamburg Dungeon you can take a fascinating journey into Hamburg's dark and insalubrious past. The other one - Kontorhaus district - is the traditional merchants quarter in the Nothern Europe. Visiting Reeperbahn is a must in the night-time Hamburg. This red-light district is now the entertainment district number one. One of the most spectacular and exceptional Christmas markets that Germany is famous for is housed in this very district.

If you find yourself in Hamburg early on Sunday morning (as early as on 05.00 a.m.), you may want to follow the tradition of going to the Fischmarkt (fish market) by the Elbe river in the Sankt Pauli area. Here you can enjoy the lively and bustling atmosphere, order herring with beer or champagne for breakfast. And only then you may go back to sleep at 10.00 am, when the market is closed. Hamburg without shipping in unimaginable, and a visit to the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg is a must. This nine-floor, enormous space a former warehouse examines 3,000 years of maritime history. We also recommend you to visit the Spice Museum (with over 900 spices exhibited), and Deichtorhallen, one of Europe's largest art centres for contemporary art and photography, in former market halls.

No travelling can go without shopping. If you enjoy shopping, Hamburg is the right place for you. The city has been the trendsetter in Germany and Europe for many years. Neuer Wall, a street lined with luxury shops ,and Alsterhaus supermarket are the true shopper's paradise.

Lake Alster, Hamburg

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